Blonde + Blue

by Bike Path

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Bike Path is Dan, Josh, Luca, and Sammy. Blonde + Blue was recorded, produced, and mastered by Zagk Gibbons at Loud House Studios and Gaslight Studios. We are also eternally grateful to Zagk for performing the bulk of the drum tracks as we were going through a transition period as a band. We were also very privileged to be able to feature performances by Anne Linders and David Maness.


released July 13, 2016

Beyond those performing on this record, we would also like to thank our families, Jake Snyder, Kirin and Patches (Constant Cocoon), Adam and Mitch and everyone involved with Barnfest, Sarah Souders Photography, Mike and Encapsulated Studios, Ursa Major, Lobby Boxer, Smooth Talkin’ Perverts, LifeWithout, Sleeping Cranes, all of our other brother and sister bands from St. Louis and beyond, Mike, Shaquille Joe’Neal, Joebe Bryant, Juli, Victoria, Olivia, Lauren, Cole, Chris, Gabi, Canaan, all of our loving and supportive friends, the Tulane crew who never complained about our practices being way too loud, anybody who ever threw a basement show, and anybody who ever sang along despite not knowing the words, cheap beer and Mario Kart, but mostly Kingsley the dog.



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Bike Path St Louis, Missouri

Rock band from Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Track Name: Desire Lines
desire lines
a green path we both imply
you’re a sugared smile in knee-highs
so I’ll make some air for a Gemini
pale to the touch
apple, butterscotch
we’ve all been hurt to some degree
everything’s been built on trust
so take off your clothes and share your scars with me

tell me everything
so slow
how can we breathe forever?
“I can be anything”
motioning get-close-to-me
can you guess what I’m thinking of?

it’s cooling off outside
this daylight’s burning off
a tent’s a damn good place to hide
when my heart’s racing and our time is up
so we make our way to sleep
you’re looking up at me
your eyes are telling me something
you can’t hide that honesty

and I wonder if you’ve always known
how this night is going to go
yeah, I wonder…

“I can be anything”
laughingly, you half-agree
“don’t you dare fall for me”
Track Name: Majesty
I’ve been spending most of my time alone
and I’ve been sweating through my sheets and drinking at home
if I told you I was doing better you could call me a liar
I am letting go now
I keep daydreaming of sleep

we’re all liars
we all make mistakes
we go on living
hidden in commonplace
(they’ll never find me here)
as the stars unfold their majesty
we hang like paper cranes, suspended

I’ve been building bridges just to knock them down
windows haunted by reflections
I’m losing ground
Track Name: New Moon
in the treetop mezzanine
by chance, an opening
for a new moon

oh, speak to me
our words are weaving our breathing

oh, be sweet to me
it's so sweet to be
sweet to you
to you, to you
Track Name: Blonde + Blue
“lighten up”
you told me I’m bright enough
to know we all love slow
but I’m not sure if the world is
capable of loving anything
in good health, beyond it’s worth
you keep my eyes in hold
you’re green and gold
with your feet in the dirt

so I’ve finally gone out on a limb
in the hopes that I could breathe something
a little more sweet
reaching up in threes, and
as simple as I want to be
a nest of robins in her hair

do you know what you really want?
(poems are lived everywhere)

I’ve got a perfect view
blonde and blue
the sky and the earth
Track Name: Violet, the First Time
frame this mess I made
the dyes are bleeding
into indigo lakes
drown my hazy view
with your red lipstick
and forget-me-not blues
anything can feel new any day
a sense I can’t outrun
the dyes are bleeding
my heart has been undone
paint me a bed where I can relax
and your eyes can become my suns
now anywhere can be just a day away
I’m seeing violet for the first time
we spend months
collecting dust
on top of our bedsheets
the faucet is dripping
the window breaks
the iron rusts
birds, they get in
but they don’t see us
they’ll never find us here
in stained glass buildings
we’re away
in frames of Monet
Mucha prints
Debussy scores
we’re greenhouse explorers
Track Name: Moonlight
I’ve been thinking
to you, out loud
“how far do you think Missouri stretches out?”
it’s just too big
I can’t picture it
how can our hearts outgrow our homes?

can you imagine the lives that have passed?
the people that I’ve loved moved on so fast
redelivered by times endless river
silhouettes in traced moonlight

holding back her smile
she shines in gold ink
haloed in blue
she’s laughing at me
I know she means, she says,
“it’s okay to leave…”
“…it’s all home-to-be”
Track Name: Perfect Pace
well I’m burning slow
you’re messing with fire
talking Boxcar
I swore I’d never chase but in this case, well
it’s written out
nobody knows
well it’s all energy
and history
with the lights turned down
I can drown in the sound
and I’m nervous again
‘cause I’m an old soul
but I’ve but got a new heart
it’s taken me a generation just to figure out that
I’m the one that’s been tearing me apart

it’s etched into our spines
with perfect pace in varied time
I’m the one that’s been killing me

I can handle it
I’m made for this
your back’s against the bathroom door
smoothest saline
wrapped around me
we had nothing
I’m slow burning, oh
you’re sucking on fire
getting higher
I would never, I swore I’d never
but this time
it’s written out
Track Name: Saints
before crooked souls stole away god
there were patient men
fountains of trust without names
and I can’t understand how you can
take this out on me
I’ve always tried to clean my hands
when I had the chance
what can I do to help you understand?
there have always been saints
their glory lies in unmarked graves
their majesty remains unstained
weathered faces soaked by decades of rain
pure like soaring cranes
hearts of prairie fire on these plains
but they never talked shit like you do
or hurt people like you need to

rivers flow through our aisles and
grass grows under our pews
we could all be saints
Track Name: New Stars
oh you, I do, adieu, Ste. Rue

silvering florally
it's a pleasure to meet you formally

spin, spin
spin, spin, pirouette
at your seat at the bar
spin, spin, pirouette
flickering flames
new stars
we're new stars
Track Name: Zenith + North
zenith and north
my spirit was broken
I’m headed north
to your home in Lincoln and then on
and I said “no, no, that’s fine”
we lose good men all the time
now I’ve got a star to tell me home
so I’m dusting off what heart I have left
separated every thread
and stepped out into the cold
the skies are deeper than old

heaven’s cracked and over flowing
eyes up, hands out
take a step to the right
spilled out
we’re ever-glowing
and then night
Track Name: Ivy + Ink
ivy and ink
I've cut the cord of energy
so, familiar,
let's get familiar
and saturate what it means to be

so I dive
in Wildlife
honest eyes
your northern high
follow my breathing, repeating

dry in burning pine
soak in the driest wines
of a lantern always setting
of a light that's never ending
of a heart that's never ending in me

I want to tattoo all of my skin
so these words can sink into who I am